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A recognized market-leading manufacturer of heat transfer products. Evapco’s evaporative cooling equipment including: cooling towers, closed circuit coolers and fluid coolers are only the beginning of realizing your project’s potential.

In addition to the high efficiency benefits of Evapco’s product offerings, you will find innovative operating advantages including: environmentally friendly options, sound reduction technology, water management equipment and more.


Your project can realize significant benefits by using LG's Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) Technology. Efficiency and modern modular design are just the beginning.

The modular design of VRF results in superior energy savings giving occupants the choice to air condition or heat only the zones in use. A VRF system provides exceptional dehumidification and temperature control by rapidly adapting to changing loads.

Air Enterprises

Providing industry-driven, all-aluminum air handling solutions for over 50 years. Air Enterprises has the capability to work with your facility’s needs in order to take it to the next level.

Air Enterprises’ project management team is prepared to deliver your ideal unit through consideration of design requirements and budget constraints. Depending on your project’s requirements, Air Enterprises can provide factory-tested, FactoryBilt custom, all-aluminum units or on-site construction SiteBilt units for tricky sizing constraints and retrofit options.

VTS Group

VTS Group brings a strong global presence as they are currently the number one provider of Air Handling Units in Europe, and have a presence in over 40 countries. VTS has secured double digit growth for the last five years and continues to invest in both products and people. This dynamic, long-term growth is a result of their focus on Innovative Technology, Advanced Supply Chain Management, and High Market Coverage and Distribution.

The Ventus Air Handling unit, born in the USA, combines European technology and American Sustainability. Ventus is tailored to the need of the American market and is available in both horizontal and vertical configurations. Units offer a wide range of applications, and provide a low-cost method of air conditioning and/or heating buildings at the same time.


Addison is a leading supplier of HVAC cooling and dehumidification equipment for commercial and industrial applications, with extensive experience in treating ventilation air.

Addison specializes in semi-custom dedicated outdoor air systems, and is able to deliver a wide range of options to satisfy ventilation for most building requirements. They have developed the most flexible products lines that can be configured to offer the customers' semi-custom packaged heating and cooling systems to meet any needs. Additionally, Addison offers a variety of energy efficient options to lower annual operating costs.

In an industry driven by Manufacturers, that provide equipment with standard cataloged capacities, the customer must select a system that comes close to meeting their needs. That usually means that they purchase features or functions that are not important to them. Addison is different. At Addison, they have the unique ability to provide comprehensive engineering solutions that are custom tailored to the product requirements and expectations.


A pioneer in enhancing indoor air quality (IAQ) in commercial and residential buildings of all sizes. Poor IAQ is a growing problem due to increased structural airtightness, which can result in an accumulation of internally generated contaminants and serious health issues. RenewAire’s enthalpic-core, static-plate Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERVs) and Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems (DOAS) provide clean, healthy indoor air in a sustainable manner by optimizing energy efficiency, reducing loads and minimizing emissions – all at a low cost. As the first manufacturer of static-plate core technology in North America, RenewAire today is one of the largest ERV producers in the world.

Franklin Controls

Franklin Control Systems Tower IQ provides overall cooling tower control, and can integrate with existing building automation systems or provide standalone operation. By using a VFD to vary the tower fan speed, this system is a proven energy saving design.


A world leader of innovative and adaptable solutions for specific filtration problems. The perfect cooling tower accompaniment to extend the life of your equipment by removing airborne debris and other suspended particles negatively affecting heat transfer.

LAKOS Centrifugal Separators and Filtration Solutions help remove suspended particles from cooling water thus helping maintain design efficiencies and extending the life of cooling towers, heat exchangers, chillers, and evaporative condensers.


With the most extensive plate heat exchanger range Sondex has the optimal solution for any possible task. Connections from Ø15 to Ø650 mm covering a liquid flow range from 50 L/hour to 2800 m3/hour. The unique inlet designs and plate patterns ensures a high thermal efficiency and heat transmission for any given pressure drop. Sondex delivers standard, copper brazed, semi-welded and all-welded plate heat exchangers as well as customized heat transfer solutions for any task.


Participating in the following markets:

  • Hospitality
  • Office Buildings
  • Education
  • Government
  • Healthcare
  • Retail
  • Residential